SGN Working with Council to Reduce Traffic Delays

Cleaners BromleyA second emergency gas leak in the last two weeks has prompted the council to ask SGN to begin their gas main renewal in Yester Road.
The Southern Gas Networks has started its gas renewal work in Yester Road on July 3 and is estimated to last 13 weeks. The road remains open to traffic, but delays will be inevitable at times. Due to the ‘two way’ traffic lights in operation. After two emergency repairs in the past two weeks. the decision to bring forward this planned work was quickly taken.
Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment said that there will be a certain amount of local disruption, but the work planned, even though significant in its magnitude, will be completed In a relatively short period of time. Also, after the work is done, the risk for gas leaks will be elmiminated, the cleaners in Bromley said.