Are You Prepared to Care – Carers Week June 10 – 16 2013

Cleaners BromleyCarers Bromley, funded by Bromley Council as its long-term strategic partner providing support and advice for carers in Bromley is celebrating the thirteenth annual national Carers’ Week with a series of free events for carers across the borough. United under the theme ‘Prepared to Care’ the aim of he event is to highlight the impact of caring on a daily basis. With a higher than national average ageing population living in borough, Carers Bromley try to encourage people to think and consider how they could manage a potential caring role.

Lynne Powrie, Carers Bromley’s Chief Executive said that this year's theme will present the opportunity to highlight the impact caring has on people lives.
Councillor Evans, Executive Councillor for Care Services added that, the Council knows very well that carers are vital for the well being of many people. Therefore, events like this encourages people to offer their help on a regular basis, the cleaners in Bromley said.